Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How To Farm Post Th11 Update

Although th snipes are slowly becoming a thing of the past, farming (or a new version of farming) is still a big part of Clash of Clans. In order to be a successful farmer post update you need to be able to attack bases with loot in storages. Collector bases are becoming rarer by the day and the days of hitting dead bases for 400k loot every 5 minutes seems to be a thing of the past.

New strategies for farming often take longer to train than the average barch army. Just remember that Supercell lowered boosting time to 1 hour and therefore if you want to raid faster for a bit it won't take up 2 hours of your day and cost you a bunch of gems. Below are a few strategies I have seen as successful post update:

Gowbarb: This strategy includes Goblins, Wallbreakers and Barbarians. In order to be successful using this strategy you need to spam barbarians at the wall in order to distract enemy fire. Throw in wb to break through the walls quickly followed by a few more barbarians if the other ones are gone. Then spam goblins to hit the storages inside.

Healer & AQ Strat: This strategy involves using healers to protect your AQ while she shreds the base. A higher level AQ will work better. Supercell recently made this strategy less effective however it is still a very good strategy.

Loonian: This strategy involves the use of Balloons and minions, balloons are sent in first to distract and take out some of the enemy defenses while you spam minions in behind for clean up of other buildings. This strategy is a very effective pushing strategy that can also be used for farming.

Post update heroes have become more important than ever when raiding. They will help you break down the walls and get you to the storages where the majority of loot in Clash of Clans now lies. Remember to use them carefully, if you have good placement of the AQ and BK they can often take down a storage in the middle of the base on their own. All the best in your raiding.