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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Clash Of Clans How to Take Advantage of Events

One of the best ways to get loot now a days on Clash of Clans is by paying attention to what events are going on each and every week inside of the game. If it is a troop event, you should try and change up your army composition, even if you are only including just a few of that particular troop in your army comp. Clash of Clans is a game that attempts to make all troops as even as possible so that users can pick any troops that they want and win a battle with anything that they bring, so long as they have a proper strategy in place. Each troop has their own duties and it is important to know what that duty is in order to be able to decide which troop you should replace in your regular army composition in order to have it still work successfully for you.

Generally speaking you should be able to narrow your troops down into two main categories. One being air attacks and the other being ground. After this, it gets a little more complicated and then it can be narrowed down into which troops have very little hit points and which troops have a substantial amount of hit points.

For each troop, you will need to take into account both the space that they take up within your army comp as well as what they normally do within your strategy. For example: If you like to use golems as your meat shields, and you have an archer event in place; it doesn't make sense that you switch your golem's for archers in order to be able to win a battle. Instead, consider which troops you use to clean up after your initial hit. Think things like minions, barbarians, wizards, valks, witches, goblins, bowlers and even baby dragons. These are the types of troops that you should be switching out in your army comp in exchange for each other as they all have a similar purpose within a battle.

There are a few troops that are capable of multi-purpose use. Valkyries have a lot of HP considering their troop capacity and you shouldn't be affected too much if you decide to switch them out in exchange for meat shield troops, or your clean up crew. It really depends on the strategy that you are using at any given time; always make sure that you have all of your attack components covered.

You are going to want to have troops that can block damage from your clean up troops, troops that can cleanup, and you are going to want some heavy hitters to do some damage right off of the bat as well. It is always a good idea to make sure that you pay attention to the weaknesses that are in the majority of your army comp so that you can choose the correct spells to use. If you have a army comp that has a ton of HP, but not a lot of clean up you are going to want to choose spells that allow you to hit fast and hard. If you are facing high level townhalls you may also want to include a freeze spell so that a single target inferno doesn't do something like take out your queen, forcing you to use her ability too early.  If you have an army with a low amount of HP you may want to consider some healers or some heal spells in order to keep everything alive as long as possible.

Just remember that each and every event it can take some trial and error in order to find an army composition that works for you. The elixir savings whether it is DE, or just regular elixir, are well worth the extra time that it will take you to get used to using the army comp. Best of luck in your attacks!