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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Are Wallbreakers Still Useful?

After the introduction of the earthquake spell, this was the first time when I questioned the usefullness of wallbreakers. But now with the introduction of the clone spell, as well as the introduction of the miner, the baby dragon and the one troop that made me question wallbreakers the most: the bowler.  I am not so sure that wallbreakers are worth the 2 space in your army composition anymore. Seeming as you can bring 1 bowler for only 3 wallbreakers and he can destroy whatever is behind the wall so that your pekkas, your heroes etc. Aren't even getting attacked as they break down the wall (assuming you have fairly high level to max troops). It definitely is iffy.

Wallbreakers have been apart of the game for ages, the only problem I have with them is that once they do their job (blowing up a wall) then they are useless because they just blow up. No other troop commits suicide in order do to damage. The only thing that really supports the use of WB is the fact that no other troop worth 2 space is good enough to break down a wall. But if you bring large enough troops they are more than capable of not only taking out a wall, or flying over one, but taking out other defenses as well.

Another reason WB aren't very useful is the fact that if you are bringing an air raid they are completely useless. Your heroes are more than capable of breaking into the base on their own. Especially once you clear the way for them with your air army, then they can have a clear path straight to the townhall. Not to mention the fact you could always bring a jump spell should you want to use a ground army, or you could even bring 4 quakes. Each of these being much more useful than a wallbreaker and opening up much more opportunity for your troops. What is your guys opinion on WB? Do you think you really need them? Why? Let me know in the comments below!👊